Виртуальный город Владимир Владимирские форумы Объявления продать Продам свежие базы клиентов для Email рассылок, звонков. Все города РФ. Гарантия подлинности сообщение #92664
Продам свежие базы клиентов для Email рассылок, звонков. Все города РФ. Гарантия подлинности
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Another successful transaction was made through the Guarantor service: https://darkmoney.at/1462979-post49.html

I sell a database of enterprises in Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Switzerland, etc.

I offer to buy and download a database of enterprises, companies, organizations, firms, businesses of Ukraine, the Russian Federation (Russia), Austria, Republic of Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, The Republic of Moldova, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, South Korea in Excel. Databases contain the names of enterprises, telephones, mobile numbers, E-mail, websites, names of directors, description of activities and much more. You can buy the base of exporters-importers of Ukraine, regions of Ukraine, the base of E-mail addresses of Ukraine and Russia, industry databases of available countries. All databases are updated at the beginning of each month. Update at the time of publication - 06/01/2020.

All databases are in Russian. Base of Ukraine in Ukrainian, Russian, English.

All bases are assembled by a large team for over 20 years manually and are updated by live contacts with enterprises.

These bases are perfect for direct-marketing events, active offer of B2B class goods and services to enterprises (Business to business): foreign trade activities (foreign economic activity), logistics; consulting, legal, marketing, accounting, auditing, financial, translation, training, educational services; office supplies; goods, raw materials, equipment, services for the production and conduct of business; computer and office equipment, office software, development of corporate sites; search for business partners both domestically and in foreign markets; outsourcing sales of goods of any profile.

Please request details by e-mail: bazypredpr(at)protonmail(dot)com
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